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Same Verse Different Chapter

Today’s topic is pain. Holiday pain.

The most debilitating headache I ever had was migraine I woke up to when I was living in Mississippi. I’d woken up with migraines before but that one was special. I took medicine and drank coffee (and added a shot of booze when that was still a part of my home migraine cure) and tried to go back to sleep. However, the pain was bad enough that I couldn’t sleep. Every position caused pain and nausea and, in the end, all I could do was sit on the sofa in a slightly slouched position that somehow mitigated the pain and wait for the medicine to kick in.

Unfortunately it took most of the morning for the medicine to help enough that I could go back to bed. I was just a sad guy slouching on the sofa and unable to move. I couldn’t read and I couldn’t raise my head enough to watch TV comfortably. (Also, TV is pretty bad for a migraine especially as that was the era when the networks began blasting commercials at full volume.)

I do not remember if I missed work that day or if it was a holiday. All I remember is the pain and the sofa.

Today’s headache was almost that bad. I realized how serious it was and took the medicine and drank coffee and tried to do some work (today was a day off but I had plans to work on some things for my classes). Failing that, I tried taking a short nap. Luckily, I was able to get a decent nap. Unfortunately it didn’t help much.

Eventually I took a second nap that lasted most of the afternoon. I’m now in migraine hangover mode and taking a serious look at recent changes in my diet and recent weight gain.

Wasteful Spending Time

It’s not the kind of alone time I actually look forward to.

Today She Who Must Be Obeyed and our youngest returned from my in-laws’ house and our oldest disappeared to parts unknown that involved the tickets mentioned in the last couple posts.

This meant it fell on me to return the house to a livable state. Luckily, this didn’t involve much more than washing some dishes, vacuuming, and removing our oldest’s stuff from the living room and dumping the stuff on her desk. (Note: She Who Must Be Obeyed prefer’s to complain about the presence of such stuff in the living room; I tend to prefer to make our oldest complain about the presence of such stuff on her desk.)

Other than that, I didn’t do much. One curse of having a long holiday is the tendency to start enjoying it too much and falling into the habit of doing nothing and that means a lot of time gets wasted.

Fortunately, or unfortunately, because I’m already in the habit of doing nothing, it doesn’t bother me as much as it should.


Scraps and Things but no Coherence

Today, as is becoming a habit, I can’t be bothered. It isn’t just this bit of blather, it’s a lot of things. That means today’s post will be short and random.

I updated yesterday’s post to correct typos and to let readers know what happened with the tickets. I’m not sure if it was good news or not.

I intended to do some work on book number three but hit a snafu with Scrivener. Much trial and error and swearing ensued and although I got things working, I came away with shocking strong hatred of the people who gave us Scrivener. (For all its strengths, it’s still an oddly clunky bit of software that’s currently behaving irrationally.)

I did manage to do a little work on book three, but the experience left me wondering how to approach the project. In other words, all the computer trouble got me thinking and when I start thinking I stop working. (Much of my teaching related and writing related work are proof that no thinking was involved.)

For supper, I continued an “I can’t be bothered” tradition and went and got sushi from the grocery store. I usually do this at least once whilst She Who Must Be Obeyed is away, but today I initiated our oldest into the tradition.

Now I have to get the house in order for She Who Must Be Obeyed’s return. Unfortunately, I can’t be bothered.


Scam Probably Not a Scam

Please See Update at End of this Post.

Our oldest learned a lesson about internet shopping. Sort of. She Who Must Be Obeyed learned a lesson too. I, as usual, played the part of Cassandra.

Our oldest, thanks to a slush fund from her grandparents, has become the concert ticket purchaser for her group of groupies. She buys the tickets, her friends reimburse her.

This time, though, there were complications. After supposedly being posted on a Friday, the tickets hadn’t arrived by Wednesday and everyone in the house (translation: our oldest and She Who Must Be Obeyed) went into panic mode. Emails were sent and sent again when replies didn’t arrive expeditiously.

I pointed out that Saturday was a national holiday and Sunday didn’t have mail service and this week is Golden Week and that probably slowed things down. I was ignored and a couple rants about the situation ensued, I pointed out that they were stuck in a position where one person had the money and the other person couldn’t prove they hadn’t received the tickets because no one thought to send the tickets registered mail.

As I predicted, the seller claimed our oldest had actually received the tickets and was trying to pull a scam to get her money back. More rants ensued and She Who Must Be Obeyed contacted the post office to elicit help.

Now, apparently, the tickets are supposed to arrive on Saturday for the Sunday concert. I almost hope they don’t, as I suspect the lesson is more important than the arrival of the tickets.

Update: The tickets arrived safe and sound. However, it appears they were mailed not on the Friday, but on the day our oldest and She Who Must Be Obeyed started complaining. Curiouser and curiouser.



Music and Performance

I missed last year’s show because of bad information and photography, but this year’s show was pretty good. Long, but pretty good.

Today was the annual performance of our oldest’s brass band club. They rent a city auditorium and there are tickets and expensive programs involved.

Last year, because of bad information (no one told me about it),  I missed the show because I’d made plans to meet a friend to take pictures of a big Buddha.

This year, though, the information was both good and timely and I made plans to go. I even managed to take our youngest to lunch before the show.

The show itself was good. The band puts on a good show and we managed to get decent seats that allowed me record the entire show and actually include our oldest in the video.

The first act was all band performance and included the third year students. The second act was a series of comedy skits that according to She Who Must Be Obeyed were superior to the skits I missed last year. (Translation: I dodged a bullet last year.)

The third act involved slower music (my only complaint about the show) and tears. This is because there was a long farewell to the third year high school students (12th graders) who are getting ready for university entrance exam hell. For me the hell was the four hour speech (some claim it was only ten minutes) given by one of the retiring 12th graders.

Next year, of course, I’ll have to go again, as our oldest will be retiring.

There will be lots of tears.

The Perils of Golden Week and Fifth Seasons

Except for our oldest, we all enjoyed a lazy first day of the Golden Week holiday.

I finished my Babylon 5 revisit and came away remembering why I found the fifth season annoying. Tracy Scoggins was better as Captain Lochley than I remember and the season had a few interesting moments, but it suffered from being tacked on to fourth season that resolved all the main conflicts and plot lines. Season five didn’t have a unifying story, just a lot of stand-alone scripts that felt a lot like spec submissions from new writers.

The makeup still looks impressive, especially on G’Kar and the other Narn, but the computer special effects look a lot like 90’s computer games. In a bad way.

The main problem though: Singing Hippy Telepaths. I’m being serious. Singing Hippy Telepaths.

I also managed to get some printing done and start work on the revision of book two.

Book three, which is partly written, continues to taunt me.



Packed and Then Unpacked

Spent part of the day organizing ink and stuff and packing a box for a customer. I was pleased that one of his many orders fell through as I wouldn’t have had space for it in the box.

I packed and weighed the box and even figured out the shipping costs. I sent him a note about the costs and his reply was to tell me that more ink was on the way.

I backed away from my desk and into the boat’s cabin and said to the rest of the crew “You’re going to need a bigger box.”

Note: that all made sense at the time it happened. Even the boat’s crew understood. 

Now I’ll have to undo my excellent packing job and try to recreate it in a bigger box. I’m also going to have to redo the money with a little extra thrown in for my effort.

There will also be a caveat about sending stuff without notifying me in advance.

Conan, Popcorn, and Creepers

Today became an impromptu Daddy/Daughter Day Out when She Who Must Be Obeyed said that our youngest wanted to go see a movie. Somewhere in there Beauty and the Beast was mentioned and I said that would be okay, mostly because it was in English and because movie popcorn would be involved.

This means I may have been the victim of a bait-and-switch.

As I looked up times for the English version of the movie, She Who Must Be Obeyed clarified that our youngest wanted to see the latest Detective Conan movie. This was an issue as the movie is shown in Japanese only. However, I’ve already seen Bakuman and a Pokemon movie in Japanese so I didn’t think this would be an issue.

However, I know absolutely nothing about Detective Conan and found the movie quite boring. A lot of it takes place in meeting rooms with people talking about events past and present. This made it hard to follow. Action scenes are easy to follow, but four people sitting in different rooms discussing the case gets old pretty quick. Also, anime Japanese is much harder to follow than live action Japanese as facial expressions and lip movements are off.

On either side of the movie, I let our youngest play her favorite game. The first time there were no problems but when we arrived after the movie, there was a high school/college aged young man playing the game on one of the machines. As this is a game designed for girls, it was an odd image. Also odd was an older man who kept circling around and through the game center. As he kept making odd noises I figured he might be a little off or might have Tourette’s Syndrome.

Either way, every time he came by to watch our youngest play her game, I positioned myself between him and her. At one point I was in constant motion as he kept moving to find a view. Eventually he left.

After we came back it was time to recover from a diet busting day.


Once Again With the Gumbo

Note: Yesterday’s video monetization issue has been resolved and the videos are once again monetized. I won’t link to them, though, as they suck. Also, it appears I made enough to have two dimes to rub together.

She Who Must Be Obeyed wanted the freezer cleaned out which meant that today I got to cook. Had, to, actually, as I was volunteered with a “You’re cooking gumbo tomorrow, right?”

It all worked out well, though, as I was able to take a slightly different approach. For example, I cut the sausage differently (long story). I also had the joy of starting without all the ingredients in the house. We also had our oldest out doing something, but with instructions to return by 8:30.

This time around I was able to fix my mistakes from the first time around. The roux was better and except for needing more salt, it all tasted good. I also had orders to make it more like curry and less like soup. There was also the issue of there being no onions in the house, which meant I started cooking without all the proper ingredients present.

Now I have to decide if I want to order more sausage from Hokkaido. I probably will, as there are a few things I’d like to try. (More on that in a future post.)


More or Less Seething

I’ve started a new contract, sort of, with the company I work for, but I’m not happy about it. At least I won’t be until I start actually working. The more I sort of have to work, the more angry I feel.

The new(ish) rules governing these “work” days operate on a kind of double-dipping. I am on call all day, and am even required to have my phone with me in case I’m called in, but if I’m not called in I’m expected to produce some kind of evidence that I’ve worked even though I’ve not been asked to work. (And the company won’t subsidize the phone even though I’m required to have it.)

As such, I’m still stuck at home doing stuff and hoping I’m not called in on days I’m watching our youngest. (Note: since no schools are in session, it’s unlikely I’ll be called in but the possibility is still annoying.) This makes me angry as it leaves me unable to relax because I have to do busy work. Quite frankly, if they gave me a specific assignment it wouldn’t annoy me as much as the “just do it on your own” attitude.

Complicating matters is the fact I haven’t actually signed my contract yet. I’m not, technically, holding out. I simply asked a question that hasn’t been answered yet. In fact, the email asking the question hasn’t even been acknowledged.

That adds to the anger and doesn’t exactly motivate me to do my best work for the company.

For a while I tried, but after a while it’s like sending Christmas cards to people who never send one back. Eventually you give up trying.