The KISS and the Clover Zed

It’s hard to believe, but after all these years, Japan might have finally jumped the shark on crazy.

Or someone in Japan is a genius. Or a crazy genius.

Whatever they are, someone decided it was a great idea to take one of the most popular girl groups in Japan, Momoiro Clover Z–For the record: The Z is pronounced “Zed” thus Momoiro Clover Zed but everyone just calls them “Momoclo”–and pair them up with aging 70s superstar rockers old enough to be their grandparents. The genius/madman then decided to all it “Momoiro Clover Z vs KISS.

That’s right, the dark princes of glam rock are pairing up with pop princess lolitas to, well, rock and roll all night? The images of them together are rather disturbing. Keep in mind Gene Simmons is about as tall as I am. It could be creepier though, but every Momoclo is at least age 18 so that makes it, well, no, it’s still creepy.

They’ve already produced a single and a promotion video which can be enjoyed here. (Note: the “live” action starts at about 1:40.) Momoclo will also perform at the final concert in KISS 40th anniversary tour.

I’m not sure why someone thought this was a good idea. Back in 1977 KISS sold out the Nippon Budokan five times (which beat the Beatles record of four) but no one younger than I am had ever heard of them until last year.

As the members of KISS promote the concert and the single, you can see the young TV announcers staring at them like “Who sprayed graffiti on grandpa?”

That said, Gene Simmons is a marketing genius and I can’t imagine anyone younger than I am would attend one of their concerts unless there was a gimmick like this attached to it. This gives them a chance, albeit a weak one, to grow their audience among young Japanese.

I still think it would have been more logical if KISS had performed with Babymetal, but I guess they needed someone who couldn’t out rock them.

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