The Smiley Face of Doom

I normally don’t get mad at students during a first class, but one student was already pushing buttons. All he did was smile.

If today was a proper indication of what is to come then it appears that Friday is going to be the day that finally causes me to snap. The only good thing is that it’s now three classes spread out over five hours rather than four in a row broken up only by lunch.

The problem is it’s all junior high school. The first class went well even though it’s got a lot of students from my worst class. The Second also went well, even though it’s JHS 1st year. The main advantage I have with that class is that there homeroom teacher is right across the hall and can see in to my room through several large windows. At one point he watched my students give speeches even though there was no way he could hear what was being said.

My last class though, partly because it’s sixth period on Friday may prove to be my undoing. As I was explaining my seating chart and reminding them to remember their seats. a couple kids went “OKAY!” after every thing I said. Another kid was just smiling and nodding in a way that indicated he was, in fact listening, but wasn’t actually happy and didn’t actually care about what I was saying.

Those students are usually the most annoying as they are typically comedian’s in training and think they must do something funny every five minutes or they die. They also only listen to recognize you are talking so they can make a face. Five minutes later they ask their friends what is going on.

The main advantage I have is that the class is the last period on a Friday. This means I have all the time in the world to wipe smiles off of faces. (So to speak.)



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