Butt in Chair With Boring Translator Speak

Marking essays is hard enough as your eyes and brain glaze over after several badly written works. However, when you throw in online translator based writing you get something that looks like English but isn’t and that induces headaches surprisingly quickly.

Today I worked out the final marks for my evening class. That task involved marking a few essays I’d either recently acquired or had put off marking for much too long.

The problem with translators is that students think they produce English when what they actually produce is 90% gibberish mixed with occasional brilliance (rather like this blog, at least with the gibberish part…)

I find I can only make it through a few machine translated essays before I need a break involving coffee and or a game based on WW2 era tanks.

Eventually I finished (both essays and tanks) and managed to get everything entered in the spread sheet. Now I get to relax. At least until Sunday, when I’ll have more final marks to prepare.



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