A Murder Without Blood

I hacked off a student’s head today. In my defense, he’d knocked the nose off one of my students and I was exacting revenge. He also should never have allowed me to get hold of his sword.

Today was the final class of the first term of the classes I teach on Sunday. Because it falls on-or-near Halloween, it is a tradition that part of the class is spent at a Halloween Party.

In the past I’ve borrowed a jacket to become an FBI agent but the first time I went my students got their invitations the morning of the part, which meant they couldn’t prepare costumes.

Today, though, we got notice in time for my students to prepare costumes. (I went as a cranky, ugly old teacher which, well, yeah.)

At one point, one of my students, who was dressed as a clown/harlequin lost her clown nose. I blamed the closest student, who happened to be dressed in a schoolgirl outfit complete with sword and gas mask. I threatened to burn down his town if he didn’t shape up. (Note: I do not know why that idea popped into my head.)

Somehow he decided it was a good idea to wave his sword rather than striking me with it. I disarmed him and went into a karate pose and promised to hill him and his family. (Actually I just did a dramatic pose and a dramatic sword strike whilst he did an impressive pratfall to the ground.)

There is a set of photos, but I can’t post them. Now I have a few days to rest before I start with the next class. Sigh.


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