Packed and Then Unpacked

Spent part of the day organizing ink and stuff and packing a box for a customer. I was pleased that one of his many orders fell through as I wouldn’t have had space for it in the box.

I packed and weighed the box and even figured out the shipping costs. I sent him a note about the costs and his reply was to tell me that more ink was on the way.

I backed away from my desk and into the boat’s cabin and said to the rest of the crew “You’re going to need a bigger box.”

Note: that all made sense at the time it happened. Even the boat’s crew understood. 

Now I’ll have to undo my excellent packing job and try to recreate it in a bigger box. I’m also going to have to redo the money with a little extra thrown in for my effort.

There will also be a caveat about sending stuff without notifying me in advance.

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