Watching Bad Movies Vicariously

The day started with a spinach, bacon and cheese omelet (because today was Mother’s Day) and went down hill after that.

On days I get lazy I seek out old movies or television and keep that on in the background whilst I pretend to attempt other things.

Today, though, I binged watched the guys at Red Letter Media review B-movies with titles such as Xtro, Samurai Cop, and KISS Meets the Phantom of the Park. In most cases cases the worst videos are destroyed.

After hearing about RLM after their excellent reviews of the Star Wars prequels–reviews that involve Pizza Rolls, dead wives and a hooker chained in the basement–I started following their videos.

They can be wacky and loud and they tend to prefer movies with lots of gore and beheadings, but I’m a big fan of their Best of the Worst series. They pick a theme–action movies, Christmas horror, robots, ninjas–and watch and review three movies. They also have a variation called Wheel of the Worst that involves a spinning wheel and videos that are not movies.

The YouTube videos focus on their reactions before, during and after the films, and include longer reviews/analyses of them. As you watch you kind of feel like a participant in a group of friends who are watching a bad movie, but without actually having to watch the bad movie.

Note: at one point there were a couple women who joined them in the viewings and reviews, but they have mysteriously disappeared which, given the types of movies these guys watch, could be considered suspicious. 

In the end, one video is chose best of the worst and one video is destroyed for being the worst of the worst.

It’s not very productive, but it is a lot of fun.


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