Working on the Weekend

Last week I did school work on Sunday; this week I did it on Saturday. I clearly don’t understand what weekends are for.

Part of the problem is at the school where I work we are forced to use Japanese language laptop computers. This isn’t that big of a problem except the keyboards are different, making it slightly more difficult to type and the word processing programs are loaded up with clip art, making it more difficult to make decent looking worksheets.

As such, I’ve been doing some of the work at home where I can play with my own toys.

Eventually, when I have my days of house arrest, I’ll revise it and use it to fill an actual “work” day.

In the past I’d have done all this on my own laptop at the school where I work, but our personal computers are still banned from the system.

Next week, I shouldn’t have much work to do. The trouble is, though, if I work on weekends now, it frees up time during the summer. I think I’d rather have more time off then, even if I’m still technically under house arrest.

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