Some of the Sports None of the Hype

I used to watch Monday Night Football with an elderly lady and guy with Jeff Beck’s hair. We mostly discussed literature and movies. We also ate pizza and, on occasion, watched and discussed the game.

This is the way I liked to watch sports and it’s one of the few sports-related things I miss from the USA. Well, that and March Madness (aka: the National Collegiate Athletic Association’s annual men’s basketball championship tournament).

(Note: there is also a women’s basketball tournament, but no one really knows much about that.)

I also miss being able to sit down and watch a random game on television and have that game NOT be baseball. Every now and then I can watch a game at my in-laws house or via the magic powers of the internet. (Don’t ask. Don’t tell.) and that satisfies my craving for familiar sports.

I even kind of miss the Super Bowl, although, once again, I think I remember family gatherings with family friends, including a guy who made wicked Southern Fried Chicken, more than I remember the games.

What I don’t miss is the endless hype, for any and all sporting events, but especially for the Super Bowl.

The two weeks before the Super Bowl is one of the most painful times to be a sports’ fan. There are random experts breaking down who is going to win using more pseudo-science than gets dragged into the global warming discussion. At some point the game became about the commercials and the half-time show. (Unfortunately, I probably have my beloved Denver Broncos and their blowouts to blame for that.)

If you’re not interested in either of the teams playing, the two weeks becomes especially long. This year at least sports fans had deflated balls to handle, so to speak, during the two weeks of hell so I hope they enjoyed the distraction.

The best thing about the Super Bowl, though, is it means it’s time to start watching college basketball and preparing for March Madness.


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