Some Days Are Brutal; Some Days Just Hurt

A couple posts ago I passed 500 posts on this blog and recently they’ve been hurting.

Part of it is that I’ve been doing this long enough it’s become both a habit and a compulsion. This means I feel compelled to write even if I have nothing to say. Unfortunately, because of the habit part, it remains something I do right before I go to bed which is not always the best time for me to be doing it. Despite my notes and lists of possible topics, I still find myself staring at the screen at 10:30 at night trying to think of a topic. At times I’ll just start writing and see what happens.

This resulted in posts like Spelling in Translation (in my defense, I’d thought of the idea earlier in the day) and The Bad Timing of Wishes. The latter was an especially desperate topic which will, of course, result in a follow up post once the work is done.

A few times I’ve decided to do a topic only to suddenly shirk at the extra work involved as bed time approached. This is especially true of any posts involving pictures, which have to be posed, taken, retaken, uploaded, edited, fretted over, reedited, uploaded to the website and then surrounded with text to justify them. This sudden rush of laziness happened twice with yesterday’s post about the T-Kawai folder which was put off for “a couple days” and then “for a couple more days” whilst I thought about taking more pictures of it.

I also feel I’ve been shirking on the posts about Japan and life in Japan. I consider posts about work to be cheating as work tends to go through the same cycles and all I can do is put “it doesn’t suck as much as last year” or “it totally sucks more than last year” spins on them.

It also might hurt any “plausible deniability” I might need in the future.

On occasion my plan to move the writing to earlier in the evening has been a success, but then I slide back into my old habit of “Crap. I need to write a post but, Crap, I don’t have a topic.”

Heck, I’d even planned to do a 500th post post and then forgot what post I was on. I also had some doubts about doing one as I also consider the self-referential posts to be cheating.

That’s how bad things get around here in my head. I’ll tell you more about that on post 1,000, or maybe post 548 when I reach the 1.5 year anniversary of this blog. Or maybe I won’t. I won’t decide until the last minute.


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