A Zombie Wishing He Didn’t Have a Brain

Today was reasonably productive for a zombie. At least it was in the morning.

Usually, the first day after a long trip is spent cleaning and doing laundry and resetting immediate goals and plans. I had intended to ignore most of that and go to the bank today because last Friday was pay day. Unfortunately, a nasty storm hit and that kept me inside (because I’m totally┬ásugar and will totally melt in the rain).

Then I got the brilliant idea of contacting a friend via the magic of the internet and talking his ear off because “English”. I did manage to finish my daily 10 ideas. Eventually. I also roughed out a review schedule for stuff I got at the ISOT and stuff I’ve just acquired.

I also scheduled time to take photos of stuff and update my old site. (Notice I didn’t actually do any of this, just planned it.)

Somewhere in there I fed the girls and myself and managed to exercise some (more on that in another post).

The weather never broke and I never went out but the weather did break me. In the early evening I got my migraine spot. I popped couple aspirin and am now hurrying to get this done so I can go to bed.

Of course, right after I got┬áthe spot I played a few games and did surprisingly well for someone who couldn’t see clearly out of the center of his eyes for several minutes. I did so well that I played longer than I’d planned and finished with a much more positive attitude than I usually have when I finish playing the game.

Now, I’m rushing to finish this so I can head off to bed. I hope the worst of the weather changes are over. Even if it’s raining tomorrow I might go out, but that might just be the migraine talking.


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