Cheeseburger Hold the Temptation

Since I’ve been doing the diet/lifestyle change, I’ve managed to avoid most major temptations. Well, there was that pizza that time, and there was that time at the in-laws where beer became as much a staple as rice, but other than that I’ve been a good boy.

Then, today, She Who Must Be Obeyed wanted to go to a burger place for lunch.

We were in Kawagoe because our oldest had a chorus concert that featured only her school. They had it at a new Kawagoe city office branch that also features a large concert hall because “other people’s money” and “we have the firearms and you don’t”. Having built it, though, the city is encouraging local schools to find excuses to use it rather than hold the concert down the street at the school.

I skipped the morning show (long story) and met She Who Must Be Obeyed, who had gone early, for lunch. Unfortunately, there wasn’t much to eat around the concert hall except Baskin-Robbins and burgers. (In my past life, that was pretty much a between meal snack.) We opted to eat at MOS Burger, the second largest “fast” food chain in Japan (after McDonalds).

This led to a number of dilemmas: 1) MOS Burger has good fries and always includes a couple onion rings with their fries. 2) apparently, according to the menu, large numbers of their burgers are actually made from soy beans. 3) They have good fries and onion rings. 4) the burgers come with carbs attached.

I ordered a burger with real beef and a chili dog with real, well it was a chili dog so who cares what was real. She Who Must Be Obeyed was so surprised I didn’t order fries that she kept asking me if I wanted them.

I enjoyed the burgers (haven’t had them for 75 days) but felt the craving for the fries. This lifestyle change stuff can be hard.

Note: Our oldest’s class finished second in the contest. (They were robbed. oya baka.)

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