All You Can Eat But Can’t

I’m beginning to suspect that She Who Must Be Obeyed is trying to kill me. Or she’s testing my resolve with this lifestyle change I’ve been attempting.

Our youngest is also trying.

I had part of the day off today, as did our youngest and She Who Must Be Obeyed so we trekked down to LaLaPort Fujimi, a large new mall to do some shopping. It turned out that, thanks to a miscommunication from my part time job I couldn’t shop for much (that’s another post) but we could afford to eat.

Unfortunately She Who Must Be Obeyed had her eyes and stomach set on an organic all-you-can-eat restaurant called SaiNoKuni. This posed a couple problems

1) Our youngest wanted to go to a place called Sweets Paradise which is an all you can eat dessert restaurant. She was not happy when she discovered we were going organic and savory.

2) I’m skeptical of the “organic” label in general and in Japan I’m pretty sure it means either “expensive food” or “grandpa didn’t piss on it” (which is why there’s a local field we’ll never buy carrots from).

3) It’s all you can eat.

Normally a buffet restaurant wouldn’t phase me and the owners would be more afraid of me than I was of them, but this time was different. They tend to be pasta and bread heavy and that meant I needed a better plan than “more more more”.

I skipped all the pasta and all of the bread and tracked down as much meat as I could and then went back for vegetables. Luckily they had an excellent salad bar with three different kinds of spinach and a special on Iberico pork.

I didn’t resist the vanilla ice cream and added a couple slivers of brownie (barely enough to fill two tablespoons) and an equally small sliver of cheesecake.

At the end of the hour, I realized I’d eaten more at one sitting than I’d eaten since we’d been to the in-laws in August. I felt it for a while and then haven’t felt hungry since.


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