Sitting Waiting Writing Watching Waiting and Waiting

I spent most of the day sitting in an uncomfortable chair waiting for one thing to happen. After it happened I kept waiting.

Today was the annual competition for our youngest’s rhythmic gymnastics club. Clubs from all over the area gather and their members put on one performance along with a hundred or so other girls.

The spectacle involves lots of sitting, a few speeches (this is Japan after all) and then a series of warm ups and practices. One hour after we arrived the competition started. The competitors paired off with someone of the same age group and performed their routines.

The problem with RG is that each performance (ball, hoop and dance) has a different song and that meant the different competitors cycled in and out as the people in charge cued up the right song. Also, it apparently wasn’t possible for the judges to watch more than one person so only two girls could perform at the same time.

The other problem is that each girl only performs once. Our youngest did a performance that involved the ball and some dancing and then got to join us in the stands to watch the rest of the performances. After that, we had to wait to see the final awards ceremony with, of course, more speeches.

Along the way I wrote 10 pages for my NaNoWriMo novel (more on that tomorrow) and every now and then looked up and clapped. In my defense, everyone else was using their smartphone when their loved one wasn’t performing.

Our youngest did a good job, but not a great one. The difference between good and average in RG is shockingly large. She lost control of the ball once but mostly her weakness is she lacked any polish. Her jumps and turns aren’t smooth and she didn’t seem to have much energy. ¬†She finished in the middle of the pack but far from last.

Next year we’re going to have to sit down and talk with her about if she wants to stay in or not. If she does, I’ll be there again, writing tablet in hand, only watching when she’s performing.

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