The Last at Long Last

The Test Time Continuum reared its ugly head today. In its defense, though, I did distract myself a bit.

I had 78 essays to mark and then had to add up all the scores. My usual routine is: read, decide on a score, doubt the score, skim again, write a score, add up the points, doubt the math, add up the points again, get a different number, add up the points a third time, write the score on the paper. Later, after all essays are read (multiple times) and all marks are ciphered (multiple times) I enter the marks in my spread sheet.

The morning started well: I finished half the exams with little trouble (minus distraction for hanging laundry and random exercise) and then decided to take a break and run to town to get money (it’s payday), lunch and a haircut.

I got the money with no problems and didn’t even have to stand in line. I deposited the rent, although I’m not sure I deposited enough (long story) and then did some window shopping that, oddly, actually included me taking a “grail” pen of my grail list (let’s just say the burnt orange is too light and too yellow for my taste now that I’ve seen it in person). I then tried to decide on a place to eat. This turned out to be complicated.

Because of my low carb rules, I found a place that served something called the “Chicken Chicken” plate, which seemed to feature a lot of chicken. (Granted, it was breaded, but it would fit my carb limits, at least that’s what I told myself.) I went in and got a seat, ordered my “Chicken Chicken” and was informed it wasn’t available (I didn’t catch if it was sold out or just not available because I was too busy screaming “NOOOOOOOOO!”) The only choices available were things I could get elsewhere for cheaper so I got up and left.

The next place I chose had a hamburger steak plate with vegetables and avocado on the side for a reasonable price. I went in and got a seat but when I got the menu, the “California Burger” wasn’t on it. I asked if more choices were available and was told that there were “after 4:00 p.m.” Because I was already running late, I decided to stay and ordered my second choice. It was good, but nothing special.

The next phase was the haircut, which happened surprisingly quickly (and the woman cutting my hair actually got it short enough this time).

At that point, denial was over and I went home to do the last bit of marking. Unfortunately, by taking a couple hours to do errands, I’d walked into the Test Time Continuum and the last batch of exams took longer than I’d planned. When I finally finished the last one, I was relieved, but not as giddy as I usually am.

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