When Things Don’t Work the Way They Work

The thing I like about Apple products is that they update quickly without much effort on the part of the user. You get a pop-up that says “Dude, there’s like this update available but if you don’t want it now that’s cool, because you can just like download it and keep in like your collection until you’re like ready to get to know it.” (Something like that.)

Granted, the updates aren’t always good ideas–which the download dude always denies by saying that, like, maybe I’m not cool enough for the update, you know; just saying–but at least everything that can update does.

I bring this up because today, against my better judgement (as if I had anything resembling “judgment” no less “better”), I decided to update my laptop and my netbook to Windows 10. I wanted to do this before I attempted to update my desktop computer to see how much effort and/or swearing will be involved and if the update is actually worth the effort.

I clicked all the icons that said “Get Windows 10” and then watched while a bunch of white dots spun around and around and around but not much else happened. I tried starting the process over but simply got more dots. After staring at the dots for a while I suddenly found myself feeling happy and calm and realized the spinning dots were probably an attempt to hypnotize me into thinking that Windows 10 had been installed and was awesome. I managed to look away and thus saved myself.

Eventually, after three restarts, five windows trying to do the same kind of nothing at the same time and several well chosen swear words, I got Windows 10 installed on my oldest laptop. I haven’t had a chance to use it much, but I like the looks of it thus far.

The problem is the netbook. It has a tendency to hang up during updates and, also technically, it doesn’t have the upgrade icon. I am therefore attempting to update something that might not be ready for the update.

This will not stop me from trying. (I got the netbook for almost free–all it cost me was a curry lunch–so I’m not too worried about messing it up.) It’s already had issues and I’m on my second restart.

I think I’ll practice some Japanese swear words, just in case.

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