A Peaceful Lazy Feeling

If I hadn’t done dishes yesterday and today, things might have been different.

Today, in a very rare occurrence, I wasn’t the only one who was lazy. However, perhaps for the first time ever, every member of the family was lazy. In fact, I’m surprised anyone left the house, although not surprised I didn’t.

Part of the problem, I suspect, is that I did dishes more than once. Usually I spread those chores around, however, because on normal Sundays I am, by any practical definition of the phrase, one step away from being bedridden, I thought it best that I do dishes to prove that 1) I am actually awake and 2) my legs work. As a result, I did dishes last night and then after breakfast and lunch today.

Rather than earning me hosannas and thank yous, these acts infected the other members of the family with my usual Sunday affliction.

Granted, there were a number of reasons for this. Our oldest was still recovering from her entrance exam and slowly getting back into study mode for both school and her next exam. Also, she did lunch dishes yesterday so I thought I’d go easy on her. Our youngest doesn’t do much on Sundays but is usually more active than she was today. It turns out she might be catching what She Who Must Be Obeyed had last week.

She Who Must Be Obeyed is recovering from a 24 hour bug that took 72 hours to get over. She ended up doing laundry, but it all had a casual “well, I’ll get it done eventually” feel rather than her usual “If I don’t get this done now it will burst into flames” attitude.

Tomorrow things should be back to normal. I’ll still, more than likely, be lazy, but at least everyone else will be active.


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