Sitting Around Just In Case

I was trapped at home today by someone who wasn’t at home. It was all done just in case.

Today was a school day, although I didn’t have a full day, but because our youngest has been feeling under the weather, I was told by She Who Must Be Obeyed to remain near the phone lest we get a call from the school telling us that our youngest was sick.

In that case, I’d have to drag my lazy self down to the elementary school and escort her back home and then stand “bowl and tissue” duty, in case she got really sick.

As a result, I found myself stuck at home with very little to do. After I did some obligatory work because the company I work for requires I develop stuff to use at the school where I work (yeah, it confuses and annoys me, too) I found myself with little to do.

Oddly, rather than my usual time wasting and game playing (too many links to link to, but here’s an example) I set about finishing winter cleaning on the variety room. This involved clearing a shelf of defunct textbooks and tossing my moldy copy of James Joyce’s Ulysses which I’d kept as a trophy after I finally finished reading it many years ago. (Long story.)

It also meant filing away some “just in case” denial with my old karate bag and karate DVDs. The DVDs are filed away and the bag is slowly being converted to an emergency kit bag.

The result is a clean shelf for She Who Must Be Obeyed to fill and better organized shelves in my Black Shelf Tower of Doom (more on that in another post). There’s still more to do, but that’s tomorrow’s task. There’s a lot more “just in case” denial stuff that needs to go.

But first there are some games to play. (I did that today, too…)

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