Maintenance During the Hangover Day

Today was a day for maintenance.

After yesterday’s headache and general malaise, I decided to make today more productive.

First, though, I had to play an online game with a friend for a couple hours. This was sort of productive, for my stats in the game, and I got lots of information from him about Canada and shared some information with him about Japan.

I was in the post headache-hangover. No pain, feeling a lot better, just not much energy. If you’ve ever been sick and then suddenly started feeling better but weak, that’s how I felt. This meant I couldn’t tackle too many projects involving heavy lifting, but I did get some house cleaning done.

I also decided to do maintenance on a couple pens before filling them with different inks. At first I got lazy and decided to refill a pen with the same ink. Then I realized it wasn’t the same ink–post-headache hangover in action–and gave it the thorough cleaning I’d originally intended to give it.

Unfortunately, this can be slow process and my desk now looks a bit like an unkempt mad scientist’s laboratory¬†with pen parts and pen innards lying about here and there. I’ve even got random tubes and a specimen in a glass jar with its old blood slowly draining out.

"Mad Science" means never stopping to ask "what's the worst thing that could happen?"

Mad Science means never stopping to ask “what’s the worst thing that could happen?” Maxim 14Schlock Mercenary

The next big project is the annual purging of the file cabinet. I already did a purge of papers and projects and random stuff. Now I have to sort the stuff that was deliberately saved in a special file and not just set aside for another day.

I also have a couple more pens to clean out and a plan to take pictures of them all.

But, I also have an exam to make. And there’s still that online game.

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