Entering the Terrible Threes

I’m still not sure why I’m doing this. It’s more of a habit at this point and I do it even when I have no ideas.

Whatever the reason I’m doing it, today marks the end of two years writing this blog.

I had planned to write some sort of epic anniversary post and offer some freebies, but life and work intervened to prevent me from assembling all the stuff I’d planned to assemble. I still plan to do that (the freebies) but it will have to wait until later in the week.

I remain shockingly resistant to little concepts like “planning” and “follow through” when it comes to this blog. For a while I had a bit of a plan going: do this post this day, that post that day, take pictures of stuff here and there, but the plans quickly crumbled into dust.

I also have been lazy about taking random excursions and writing about those. Instead I’ve been dependent, much more often than I’d planned, on personal posts that are little more than diaries where I complain about stuff. Those usually come about an hour or so before bedtime when I just can’t be bothered with the post I’d planned.

That said, I think the writing and coherence of the posts have improved over the two years, even when I’m typing random words a few minutes before bedtime. I still have stuff to review and a number of books to review but have resisted taking a day to do nothing but take and organize photographs.

The goals for year three are to, at long last, assemble an email list and offer a newsletter version of Mere Blather that people can subscribe to (and, in theory, include a post that doesn’t appear on the website).

I am also pondering taking a weekly Sabbath, probably on Sunday, where I¬†might post a picture or two but don’t actually write anything. I imagine myself knocking out a couple posts that day and having them in reserve. Or just assembling posts into a newsletter. Or doing nothing and liking it.

I also have a long list of posts I never wrote that I stare at every now and then but never actually write. (In a couple cases I’ve forgotten what I mean by the notes I’d written.) I’ve also got an Amazon Associates account I haven’t fully exploited. (I would, of course, remind you that there is a donation button on the right side if you’re using a PC and way down at the bottom if you’re reading on a phone. You can even donate in Bitcoin if you can figure out how to do that.)

Either way, for those of you who’ve suffered through these posts on a regular basis, thanks. I hope to keep you entertained for at least another year. (Not that you’ve been entertained thus far, but isn’t it pretty to think so?” )

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