The Best Laid Aside Plans

It was one of those days again today, in an odd way.

The plan was simple and had simple steps:

get up early,
drink coffee,
eat breakfast,
mark exams until early stages of insanity set in,
drink more coffee,
stare at bourbon,
turn away from bourbon,
mark exams until full stage of insanity,
sort ink,
find addresses,
pack boxes,
mail boxes,
mark whilst insane.

All that was supposed to be accomplished by lunch. What happened after lunch didn’t matter because “insane”.

None of this, of course, factored in things such as “family” or “rationalizing laziness”.

I woke up early, then discovered that She Who Must Be Obeyed had got up sooner and was doing laundry, which meant “bathe” was sabotaged so I passed on “shave” as well. (Note: I have no sense of smell and wasn’t planning on going outside until later and as the wedding vows go “in sickness and in health, for cleaner or stinkier.” Look it up.)

I did manage to drink coffee and eat breakfast in there somehow.

It was, however, my job to hang the laundry that was blocking my shower once it was finished and after She Who Must Be Obeyed had gone to work. (Note: hypothetically speaking I was on an unusual schedule that involved working from home part of the time today.)

That meant the marking exams phase started late and although I drank coffee, I completely forgot to stare at the bourbon which meant I was never tempted to add it to my coffee. This actually put me ahead of schedule. Sort of.

At that point, I hit the marking wall and decided to make some ink swatches as samples for people interested in acquiring the ink. I also decided to skip ahead to the address finding and box packing. But that meant I had to find boxes. I also looked up the shipping costs and, oddly, didn’t think about reaching for bourbon although such an act would have been justified. Instead I reached for a knife and started cutting down the boxes of the smaller shipments to reduce the weight.

Once again, I started doing math to see if I was actually making money shipping ink. (I am, but I need to set out a more helpful list of prices for those interested in acquiring some and a better process for getting it shipped.)

At some point after that, I was forced to put off the actual shipping until tomorrow afternoon. (Note: our policies are that your ink will arrive precisely “some day”; we don’t, however, specify in which year that will happen. Thank you for paying in advance, though!)

Eventually, I got marking done, although I’m not finished.

As the saying goes: Tomorrow is another day.

I just didn’t realize that was a threat.


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