Perfection is the Ally of Making Work

When it comes to making things with Photoshop, I usually can’t stop tinkering. On days like today, though, that might actually be a good thing.

In the past I’ve done things like combine two pictures of our girls to get one photo with both of them looking good and in focus. I’ve also pasted in a face on She Who Must Be Obeyed to have all three of my girls looking at the camera at the same time. (This is nearly impossible, which makes many photos of them look like an album cover where no one smiles and at least one person is looking in the wrong direction.)

I’ve also, in fits of boredom, tinkered with photos of my friends to practice my photo editing skills. These “simple practice sessions” have resulted in a friend’s head being pasted on our oldest (back when she was our only) to show my friend holding himself as his own baby (that made sense at the time, more or less). The sessions also provided photographic evidence that a person involved in Canadian politics fathered Anna Nicole Smith’s child.

Today, though, my Photoshop powers were applied to evil purposes or, more specifically, my job. My plan was to whip together a simple waiter’s pad graphic to satisfy the terms of my imprisonment. However, that turned into something more complicated.

Once I got started, the perfectionist urge took over and instead of just drawing in a few lines and some numbers and hitting save I had to add a restaurant’s name at the top and a place for the waiter’s signature at the bottom and then I had to add a serial number.

It took more than an hour, but I suppose that satisfies my “work” day. (Keep in mind, I’d already premade this week’s “work” but couldn’t resist once I started playing.

Tomorrow, I’m tempted to add the graphic to a worksheet involving a waiter and customer. I don’t have to, but it will give me a head start on next week’s “work”.

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