Busy and Unproductive Days

Today was oddly busy and yet oddly unproductive. The only things accomplished involved old forms and getting the girls out of the house.

As part of my “work” days I’ve decided to update a spreadsheet I’ve been using for over a thousand years. (Note: I made it in 2,000 at the end of the last millennium; this is a new millennium; a millennium is a thousand years; therefore, I’ve been using it for over a thousand years. That’s math.)

Updating the spreadsheet accomplishes a few things: it makes the spreadsheet more usable; it satisfies my “work” day requirement; and it is completely useless to the company I work for. ‘Tis a consummation devoutly to be wished.

Of course, dealing with Microsoft always involves swearing, but this time there wasn’t as much as usual. There was some tedium and the promise of swearing later when I find the mistakes I made today. (There will also be swearing when I attempt to use it on my tablet.)

The other accomplishment was getting the girls ready to go. Our oldest, in addition to going full vampire, has also gone full teenager. This means the brain damage is real as is her self centeredness. (Her grandfather gave her some money. She’s spent some and doesn’t see the need to go see him and thank him in person. In fact, she doesn’t understand why she needs to thank him at all.)

In other words, she’s not only the center of the universe, she is the universe.

(Note: She probably inherited this from me, said the man who writes a daily post about his life.)

This attitude disappointed She Who Must Be Obeyed who got angry. This prompted back talk from the vampire, er, our oldest, which increased the anger. I helped pack the care and sent them on their way.

(Note: Because I’m obligated to work, I technically have to be available to be sent out which means I can’t leave town without a vacation request that uses paid holidays. This may actually be the only good thing that came out of this “work” day nonsense. re. earlier comments about self-centeredness.)

Now I have a few days by myself. I’m sure I’ll think about doing something productive.

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