Either Laziness or Adaptation

I probably got a lot more done today by not doing what I’d planned. However, I managed to be lazy in a surprisingly rigorous sort of way.

The plan was to go to the bank and get some cash and then, just out of curiosity, check out the local branch of Maruzen bookstore to see if they had the ink I’d already sold. (Sort of. Money had not yet changed hands.) The branch, despite being part of a fairly posh department store, manages to be one of the best stationery shops in the area. They have everything from expensive pens to cheap pens to “Draw you own comic book” starter kits with dip pens, ink and examples.

I found the ink I was looking for and despite cleaning all the bottles off the shelf, was pleased when the lady running the pen section not only didn’t sigh and tell me I could only buy one bottle of one color every seven years, she tried to find a fourth color for me.

This meant that half of the things I’d hoped to accomplish had already been accomplished. Despite that, I walked back toward the station determined to head down to Tokyo. However, by the time I reached the end of the shopping street (a couple blocks from where I started) and approached the station, I suddenly didn’t have the energy to complete the rest of my tasks. Instead I did some shopping for random food and snacks and then went back to the shopping street to have lunch.

After that I ended up at my other favorite stationery shop, Kimuraya, which is the kind of store where the shelves are stacked high enough even I can’t see over them and the only way to find something is to get lost. I found some dip pens and ink which meant I’d accomplished almost all the rest of my intended tasks.

That meant it was time to go home, after, of course, a short pause to try out the new Gelato place on the street.

Tomorrow I actually have to go down to Tokyo. I’m meeting someone though, so the only way to alter the plan is to convince them to come up here.


2 thoughts on “Either Laziness or Adaptation

  1. Britt Shideler

    Oh I hope I might be one of those lucky people you send ink to! Sounds like a lovely day. I like those organic days the best.


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