The Accidental Barista

About 20 days ago She Who Must Be Obeyed commented on how well our coffee maker had held up after several years of use. Ten days ago our coffee maker died.

SWMBO then decided she would first call the manufacturer and see if it was possible to get it repaired. (More on that in a minute.)

The death of the coffee maker also coincided with the end of our supply of ground coffee. Luckily, SWMBO had a secret stash of coffee beans she dug out and we began a much different coffee making ritual.

The ritual involves grinding beans with a grinder I got over a decade ago and that’s lasted a long time (I only bring this up to see if that phrase is a curse.) The beans are ground whilst the water boils and then we spend several minutes carefully pouring hot water over the grounds in a manner that makes me yell at trained baristas when they do it.

The problem is we can’t decide on a suitable replacement coffee maker and we’ve slowly gotten hooked on hand-poured coffee. The boiling water does make a difference.

Of course, the other issue is that because we’d run out of pre-ground coffee, we’ve been enjoying a higher quality coffee than usual. I also suspect this is why SWMBO put off calling the manufacturer. When she did, the manufacturer informed us (as I suspected) that the coffee maker was too old to be repaired. (Note: I suspect SWMBO was hoping to discover the coffee maker was under a recall and we’d get a free replacement; something similar happened with our electric carpet. Long story.)

While SWMBO and the girls were visiting the in-laws, I acquired more bags of good coffee. This has also slowed down the desire to get a new coffee maker.

Maybe, when the good coffee runs out, we’ll get a new coffee maker. Until then, we’re living in a handmade coffee world.


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