Pardon the Random Horror Interruptions

I had several things on the to do list today, some of which involved actual time wasting, but somehow a horror movie got involved. Well, part of it anyway.

Things actually started out well. I followed my morning routine and even deferred the time wasting until a later time while I worked on a different project. I researched information about import/export rules and how to start a company in Japan whilst still having enough money to actually operate the company. I also managed, at some point, to sell some ink.

I also managed to send out a couple emails and do a little reading but, at some point, and for the life of me I don’t remember why, a topic came up (and I don’t even remember the topic) that started one of those stream-of-consciousness random connections fits and that topic, whatever it was, led to Miniskirt Police, the Miniskirt Police website, a quick search to remember the name of Luna Nagai, who at one point was a member of the Miniskirt Police, and then a search for her, which led to the name of a horror movie that I managed to find online, in Japanese, with Spanish subtitles.

The movie is called Tomie: Another Face and is a made-for-tv adaption of a manga about a high school girl whose hobby is getting herself murdered so that she can resurrect and haunt and taunt her killer (or killers). Because I had a lot to do, I only watched bits of the movie to get the general gist. The movie is actually three episodes about Tomie tricking people into killing her. The second segment, when she enters the life of a creepy photographer, is the best and shows off Nagai’s ability to go from innocent, to sexy to creepy, to creepy cute all in a few seconds. (Also keep in mind that Nagai was only 17 when she made that movie making it all a bit more creepy.)

However, that gave way to the official time-wasting of the day and then a longer project to make swatches of different inks to aid in their sales. That took an hour and, hopefully, will payoff some day.

It wasn’t a normal day, but, in its own way, it was a normal Sunday.


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