What Toe On Yonder Desk Breaks

I didn’t leave the doctor many options so all he did was apply some tape.

Yesterday I mentioned my most recent moments of left foot destruction  and although it was sore and an impressive shade of purple, I had little trouble walking to work (well, I was limping, but it was more annoying than anything else.

On the way home from work, though, I knew something was wrong. The sore toe suddenly developed stabbing pains in places one would not expect stabbing pains (because one totally expects stabbing pains in other places) and I did a short zig zag on the street before finally deciding I’d better go the hospital and get an x-ray even if it meant paperwork and a long wait.

Somehow, and with a little help from a translation app, I managed to fill out all the required forms and then was escorted to the back of the hospital where I turned in a form and waited.

Eventually my name was called and I found myself in front of a young doctor who had me take off my shoe and sock so he could assess the damage. His first reaction was “Damn, that’s nasty.” (Although he said it in a more Japanese “Hmmmm. Yeah. I see.”)

He then poked around on my foot to establish where it was and was not sore and then sent me for an x-ray. After that there was more waiting before he called me in and showed me the inside of left foot. Even my untrained eyes could spot the break which, for the record, doesn’t look as impressive as the break I got a couple decades ago. The break on the “Little Piggie Who Had None” had an obvious angle off the normal toe line. (I was pleased to see, though, how well that had healed.)

Note: the current break is near the inner joint on my left fifth middle phalanx, as if I know what that is.

This led to the next problem. The doctor said there wasn’t much he could do except tape the two little piggies together. A cast was right out and I turned down the flexible metal splint that would probably keep me from wearing shoes. He applied the tape and sent me on my way (although I have to go back for another x-ray one week from today).

I limped home and haven’t done much since I got home. (Yes, I’m exploiting an excuse to be lazy.)

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