Nap Attacks in Odd Positions

For want of a sofa I fell asleep in my hands at my desk. How I did this I do not know, but I think it was because of my rolled up sleeves.

One thing I’ve noticed as I’ve experimented with upping my carbohydrate intake a bit is that I’m once again starting to get the insulin produced carb crash at work. Today’s manifested itself in odd ways. I set my elbows on my desk and fell asleep sitting up with my face resting in my own palms. I do not know how this was possible except that I must have had the perfect balance of angle and weight distribution. It also helped that it was warm enough that I’d rolled up my sleeves. This prevented my elbows from splaying and my face from dropping to the desk.

It is more or less understood that falling asleep at your desk is acceptable in the office of the school where I work. This is pretty cool, however it was better in the past.

My office in the old building had a pair of sofas that were old and as questionable as the used sofas that end up on the porches of rental properties in college towns. They also were comfortable and it was easy to lay your head back and take a short nap. Other teachers would just lie down and occupy an entire sofa when they napped.

Unfortunately the new office, despite having better lighting, better chairs and less ancient dust, lacks a proper place for a properly questionable sofa. There are a couple sofas out in the main office, but they are way too public. There is also a “rest area” downstairs, but one colleague says it is occupied by janitorial staff and when he walked in the reaction was something like this so he didn’t stay very long.

This means, if we want a nap, we have to sleep at our desks and rely on a lucky convergence of rolled up sleeves and proper angles, or put our heads down and risk drooling on our desks or using our arms as pillows and ending up with odd patterns on our faces.

Or we could go to bed earlier, but that’s not likely to happen.

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