Dust and Sun and Sports

I didn’t call someone an asshole today, although I did think that’s what they were. I also suggested to the man next to me that we throw plastic bottles at them to get them to sit down.

I actually consider this an improvement as it means I may actually be maturing.

I grant you, though, the evidence for this maturity is open to interpretation.

Today was sports day at our youngest’s school. My job was to arrive early with a tarp and claim our place in the shade. I managed to secure a prime location that provided shade until after lunch (and then put the sun behind us rather than in our faces). Because it was at the edge of a raised garden, it also provided a step that served as a comfortable place to sit.

Our  youngest participated in several events: the 100 meter dash (last in her heat after getting caught unprepared by the starting pistol); a couple dances; a gymnastics performance that involved athletics and dirt; and long relay.

Her team finished last (out of two) by 10 points.

(Note: I do not understand how the points are given but every place seems to get ponts.)

Although I found a place in the shade, I sacrificed by usual photo spot.

This worked out, though, because a few people near the front were standing. Even worse, they were blocking the lane our youngest would be in. I mumbled a few swear words and noticed the guy next to me was annoyed by them, too. That’s when I recommended chucking PET bottles at the people standing in the way. Oddly, he seemed to think this was a good idea, or at least gave it a moment’s thought.

In the end, I just moved to a better angle. That was probably for the best.

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