A Short Rest Found; A Short Rest Lost

I’d make them practice more, but it’s probably too late.

Today was a slow start thanks to a number of sports events that cancelled all the regular junior high classes at the school were I work. Some students were out doing sports while the non-athlestes were at school enjoying movies and other distractions that didn’t involve me.

It was a nice break and gave me a chance to do some planning and save a little energy for the rest of June.

For some unknown reason, tomorrow is a regular schedule and Wednesday was listed as a partial schedule to accommodate the rest of the sports tournaments. I was hoping that tomorrow would be a tournament as it would give me an entire day off. On Wednesday I would lose two classes but have one class in the afternoon.

However, it’s probably for the best that the tournament was on Wednesday as it saved me a lot of potential heart break.

It turns out that the teams at the school where I work did so badly they will not be going to the second day of the tournaments. Because of this, they will be having regular classes. Since I have to go in anyway on Wednesday, losing that rest won’t be that big of a deal. Losing and entire day off, though, would be depressing at this point in the school year.

As it stands now, I’ll be able to put the extra classes to good us. I’ll have the students practice sports a lot more to get ready for the October version of the tournaments.

It’s too late to do anything for them now, but they still have a few months to get better.


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