A Brief History of Bad Ideas

The original bad ideas didn’t have a pen. The second one did but it was more skeptical than bad. Somehow whisky was always involved.

Because most bad ideas start with alcohol and the phrase “Hey, guys, watch this”, and because the whisky was free, I took pictures of a couple bottles of booze at my in-laws’ house and declared that they would cause bad ideas.

Today's bad ideas brought to by Hibiki and Booker's.

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Later, when I was enjoying a sip of whisky at home, I noticed that the nib on my pen was pretty dirty. that prompted a post celebrating dirty pens and whisky in a dirty glass. Bad ideas were implied, but they weren’t called bad ideas.

Eventually I settled on the idea of a glass of whisky and a pen causing the bad ideas.

That lasted for a few posts until I decided to add a notebook.

Since then the posts have been fountain pens, notebooks and whisky. They’ve also been my most popular posts. (My most recent post has 56 likes in only one night.)

Granted, I have mass-produced a lot of them by taking a bunch at one time–which is cheating I suppose and not as much fun as actually drinking that much booze–but I still like a sip of whisky on Friday nights.  (After posing the glass with several pens and notebooks, of course.)

Once I had someone question whether the things in the pictures were the bad ideas. I assured the person they weren’t. Once vodka made a guest appearance.

I’ll keep making the bad ideas. I’ll also keep taking pictures of booze, pens and notebooks.



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