But at Least it was Cool

It wasn’t cool that I had to go, but at least it was cool.

Too bad it was raining.

In order to justify having lower middle management at the company I work for, my now immediate manager holds periodic meetings where we all go “yep, this is boring” while my lower middle management manager goes “Yep, I survive for another round!”.

To do this, we all have to travel to the main office where the final five of us working at private schools learn new information about the company. Fortunately, it was a pleasant 22 Celsius (71.6 Fahrenheit) which made the trip pleasant, but that cool weather brought rain so it was a trade off.

Oddly, there was some interesting information at the meeting: our assistant manager is now our manager; there are new forms to fill out and they are all on line; the company has changed names again: four times now? Five? It’s all confusing. The nature of our contracts has changed which could be good or bad three years from now.

The trouble is all this could have been delivered via email. The problem with that is the company I work for tends to not like to leave a paper trail.

Now, we don’t have to meet again until January or so. That meeting will be boring and useless too, but at least there’s a chance it will be cancelled by a snow day.

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