Fast Faster, No Really, Faster

It’s become clear that I need a business model that involves more than refreshing a website.

Thanks to a regular customer, I discovered that tonight there’d be more Jellyfish inks available from the store where I buy and resell ink. The trouble, is, I couldn’t be there at the time the sales launched.

By the time I managed to get the computer and refresh the page, sales were going so fast for some of the flavors that the three bottles I put in my shopping cart somehow went before I could pay for them. I tried buying a few complete sets but when I went to check out I realized I only had four flavors.

As a result, I ended up buying none, especially as I was doing most of this on spec with no actual buyers lined up. I’m hoping I can pick some up from the actual store, but given that all that happened in only 15 minutes, I don’t have much hope there will be anything available in the store.

That said, any chance to sneak down to the store and look around is time well spent, even if they don’t have any ink. Lately, even their unloved inks (i.e. the flavors they always seem to have in stock) have been selling out.

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