Suddenly Problems and Suddenly Panicked

Once more we have to invoke Rudyard Kipling:

If you can keep your head when all about you 
Your oldest is losing hers and blaming it on you,
You will be a father.

In fairly short time our oldest has either created, or discovered several new display “features not a bug” on her iPhone. This may be the result of one too many trips to the floor or too much time spent using the touch screen and thus wearing it out or a software glitch (er, I mean NEW FEATURE).

Either way, I’ll be escorting her to the closest service center (as opposed to the “Genius Bar” which is an interesting bit of newspeak) to see if it can be fixed.

Along the way, I left her to frantically try and figure out how to find the closest service center and how to back up her system. (For the latter, she is not allowed to install iTunes on She Who Must Be Obeyed’s computer; if she does I’ll delete everything.) This caused panic when she discovered that the internet isn’t always that fast, especially if she has to access it via our old WiFi hub. She got angry and mouthy and that’s when I told her I’d solve the problem once and for all forever, and get a new iPhone out of the deal.

This caused more panic. I’m interested to see what happens at the service center tomorrow. It could be fun.

I’ll have to think of a fun way to cause panic, though.

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