Twenty Years Ago This Year

Notes from my sparsely maintained 1996 diary. (Spelling and grammar errors featured as they appear in the diary.)

February 24, 1996
Well, had an interview last week for the JET Program. It went well, although I couldn’t think of any subject-verb disagreements for a hypothetical situation they tossed at me.

Had a relaxing time in Atlanta. Helped E and J pick out a cat. Also found out they’re engaged.

April 4, 1996
The good news is that I’ve been accepted to Japan. Yep. I leave July 27th, but I have spent the last couple days getting photos and physicals. Fun fun.

May 17, 1996
I’m starting to get excited about going to Japan. It looks like I’m going to be in a village, or small town, in Snow Country. The site is Nou-Town, a place I’ve yet to find on a map. That could make things fun.

I know the mistakes I made in Albania…

May 29, 1996
(Regarding a relationship in Albania)
The spectre of a cross-cultural liaison was tantalizing, but a cross-cultural marriage…that’s an overwhelming prospect.

June 29, 1996, Diary Entry:
I finally got all my information from JET and it looks as if I’ve got a pretty good deal. I’m going to Nou-Machi, a fishing town on the Sea of Japan (in the Niigata Prefecture). It has a population of 15,000. According to the woman I’m replacing Nou is beautiful, friendly and has good crab and sushi.

July 26, 1996
Here goes nothing.

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