Crazy Japan Times Facebook Invasion: Summer Olympics 2016 Day Four

Another day, another dollar: A

Another day, another free post: C-

Yellow card system in Judo: A

Judo referee waving hand over head to overturn previous ruling: A

Cross Country Equestrian: A

Using “equestrian” instead of “horseback riding”: C

Calling it “Cross Country Horseback Riding”: A

Dressage: B

Changing name to “horse kata” instead of “dressage”: A+

Unnecessary French: C-

Equestrian terms that sound dirty but probably aren’t:  impulsion (schwung).

German terms that sound dirty but probably aren’t: A-

Most painfully British name perfect for horseback riding: William Fox-Pitt

William Fox-Pit overcoming brain damage and double vision last December: A

Double vision: C-

Double Vision: B+

Feeling down’n’dirty, feeling kinda mean: D

Having a chorus that sounds as if it’s from a different style song: C

Looking up old song to see it the former’s true: A-

Foreigner: B

Being a foreigner: Most days: A- THOSE days: F-

THOSE days in general: F

Calling ping pong “table tennis”: C

Best sword fighting (fencing) term: Duck Stop

Ibtihaj Muhammad: A

Replay reviews in sword fighting: B-

Adding blood squibs to sword fighting uniform to denote hits: A

Beheading loser: B-

Game of Thrones: A-

Watching the Olympics with US television commercials for the first time in years: F

Japan winning men’s all-around in gymnastics: A

Gymnastics: A

Men’s floor routine: A for no music.

Women’s floor routine: C- for requiring music.

Forcing women to dance while men do sports: C

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