Crazy Japan Times Mere Blather Invasion: Summer Olympics 2016 Day Something or Other

The malaise near the midpoint: F

Finals: A

Heats: D

It’s not the heat it’s the humidity: B-

Heat: C

Humidity: F

Some sweat when the heat is on: B-

Feeling the heat and deciding you can’t go on: C-

Some Like it Hot (movie): A+

Some Like it Hot (song): D

The Power Station: D

Super groups in general: D

Would You Like to Buy a Vowel? Name Award: Polish 800 meter runner Adam Kszczot.

Trying to remember how to spell Kszczot: D

Convincing you that’s not a typo: C

Opposition to vowels: push

Best name that should be a Graham Green novel: English Gardner

Best name: Chinese Trampolinist Dong Dong

Inability to resist temptation to make dong jokes: F

Getting in touch with inner child: A

Releasing inner junior high school boy: D+

Ultimately resisting temptation: B (for boring)

Ability to run a marathon: A

Japan insisting on showing entire marathon from start to finish: C-
Granted, a marathon is shorter than a baseball game and at least the player are in constant motion.

Rio not finishing the marathon inside the main stadium: push

Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce: A

Excessive use of hyphens: push

Andy Murray’s gold medal: A

Kei Nishikori’s bronze medal: A-

Getting your country’s first medal in tennis in 96 years: push

The Rock’n’Roll Techno Super Bowl style tunnel entrance for 100 meter final: D

Usain Bolt: A

Sport Your Humble Editor admires because he can’t do it at all: High Jump.

Jumping over something that’s taller than you: A

The “hammer” in Hammer Throw being a ball and chain not a hammer: D

Thor: B-

Vincent D’Onofrio as Thor: B

Chris Hemsworth as Thor: A

Chris Hemsworth: A

Loki: A

Triple jump: A

Your humble editor’s triple jump performance in junior high school: F

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