Strangers Get to Enjoy the Stench

Because I have no sense of smell, I tend to be paranoid about how I smell to other people.

Except today. I didn’t really care today.

I had some running to do today, but nothing that would bring me in contact with people I considered terribly important.

Because of that, I headed in to the world with out a shower (or a shave). This included a trip to the post office to send ink and a trip to the next station to get a haircut.

After the haircut, as I left a trail of cut hair, I headed to the “big city” to do some banking. This involved pushing some buttons on an ATM and then walking across the street to a different bank. To summarize: withdraw money, deposit in different bank. Why I have to do this involves Japan’s occasionally goofy banking system. (It says a lot that the most convenient bank is run by the Japanese Post Office.)

Somewhere in there I sent some emails, got rejected for a writing job and ate too much. (Note: the rejection came after the eating too much.)

After I came home I finally found the time to bathe. My family was happy.

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