Either This or That or Neither

Today I took notes, but I couldn’t be bothered to take any pictures.

I’m at the phase of the summer where I can only do one task at once. More specifically, I can only do one type of task at at time, although I can do a bunch of them at once.

For example, I have a couple notebooks and a few pens of various shapes, sizes and types that need reviewing but I find I can only work in phases. On one day I collect notes on the physical details of the items, including size, number of pages, ink capacity and where it was manufactured. However, instead of writing up the notes, I just file them in Evernote.

The next day, I take all the pictures. However, rather than begin editing them, I just email them to myself so that I can eventually upload them and edit them.

Eventually, all the pieces get on the same computer and I get all the pieces together like a chef assembling and preparing all the ingredients before cooking.

Then everything just waits for me to start the actual writing..

Part of this is my way of mulling over the review before I write it. It also gives me a chance to reconsider the photographs.

However, the review does finally get written. Sometimes they get rewritten, too, but that’s another post.

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