Just Because You’re Paranoid

I’ve known for a long portion of my life that the weather is out to get me. I do not know why this is so, but it is so.

On many occasions it has not rained until I was outside. Then, once I was inside our apartment, it stopped raining.

For example, today the weather people (aka paid liars) predicted rain in the morning and sunshine in the afternoon. This worked out for me because I have an evening class and wouldn’t be leaving until four in the afternoon.

Instead, it was cloudy all day and it didn’t start raining until I was getting dressed to go to work. She Who Must Be Obeyed offered me a lift to the station but I said that because it wasn’t raining that hard, I wouldn’t be needing a ride.

By the time I had my socks on, the sky started falling. This meant I had to sheepishly approach She Who Must Be Obeyed and invoke a take back.

As I climbed in the car, we could see the sun starting to emerge from the clouds, which did create a nice rainbow. It was, of course, gone by the time I got to the station.

Having messed with me a bit, the weather let me off with just a warning. Instead of rain, it dumped dreary and humidity. Luckily it didn’t mess with the trains.

Tomorrow I have no plans to go out. I bet it will be sunny and beautiful. We’ll see what happens on Thursday when I have another night class.


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