Wandering Here and There

The worst thing about the first week back at work after a long vacation is remembering how to do your job.

Although I’ve been working on Sundays and the occasional Saturday over the summer holiday; and even though the company I work for requires me to do busy work because, well, because, it takes some time for me to get my teaching legs back once I’m in front of students after a break.

Even figuring out where I’m supposed to be is a chore.

I’m constantly checking my schedule and double checking which room I’m supposed to be in. Despite that, I still check the schedule posted next to the door of each room to make sure I’m entering the correct room.

Granted, I get a kind of warm up, at least with junior high school, as we are checking speech contest speeches. This requires very little prep on my part and very little classroom management. My only job is to keep my eyes focused and to stay awake.

It helps when you’ve had a pretty good week and, despite having my eyes go bleary and numb, I had a good week. Next week is another day, though, so to speak.

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