Wednesday Blues and Stuff

Any analysis of it, no matter what method you use, confirms that Wednesday’s suck.

When they try to call my bluff, though, it gets kind of fun.

For reasons I don’t understand (karma?) I somehow manage to have three bad classes on Wednesday.

It starts with a junior high first year class that, despite being “higher level” has fairly bad behavior. Today I played a yellow card/red card activity. This involves the students interviewing four other student under the rule “No Japanese”. If they use any Japanese, they get a yellow card. Three yellow cards equals a red card which equals 10 sentences of homework. (Long story.)

I then reset and they get a second set of yellow cards. A second red card means the homework doubles. Then they get another set of yellow and red cards and the homework doubles again.

The record is 160 sentences. Today’s class thought they, well, they weren’t thinking, and they ended up with 80 sentences of homework. They then mocked the notion that I would keep them during lunch or after school. They do not understand that I do this stuff for sport which means I expect a lot of surprised students next week.

After that, I have an hour to recover before I have my worse lower level junior high first year class. Today they were average. Noisy, but average.

Then, after lunch, I have my worse high school second year class. They were also pretty good, relatively speaking. The student who takes 20 minute toilet breaks thinks he’s being clever. I’m actually glad to be rid of him.

Please don’t tell him though. I’m afraid he’ll stay if he knows.

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