Matters of Payback or Bad Timing

Mother nature added a cruel twist to the story in a previous post.

Although my Tuesday with the typhoon worked out well in the end, more or less, if you don’t count being soaked from the waist down, today mother nature was a bit cruel.

Today was Autumnal Equinox Day here in Japan which meant that our youngest and I were at home whilst our oldest went to club and She Who Must Be Obeyed went to work.

Unfortunately, mother nature brought the cool weather (which is good) but seasoned it with rain (which is ungood). Any desire to go outside was lost as was much energy to the calming sound of rain.

Tomorrow I’m off to the school where I work. It’s supposed to be raining tomorrow, too. I’ll see if Tuesday’s shoes have dried or if they are still wet. If they’re still wet, I might actually wear them.

When I get home, wet and miserable, it will be time to make holiday travel decisions.

Bah, humbug.

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