International Phone Calls and Government Agents

Today’s post can be blamed on the Kansas government.

Because my Kansas driver’s license is expiring this year and because I’d rather not spend a thousand dollars or more to travel home and renew it, I decided to call the Kansas Department of Revenue and beg for mercy.

Oddly, the voice who answered was surprisingly accommodating.

As a rule, I hate talking on the phone, although that’s mostly when other people are around, and I especially hate dealing with government agencies. I also hate being in line on the phone and paying international fees to stay on hold.

However, I called right after the office opened and ended up second in line. The voice I got, who never told me his name, listened to what I was saying and then put me on hold for several minutes. When he came back, he had a number of specific instructions for me to follow that may, emphasis on MAY, save me a thousand dollars or more.

I have to do some writing and some copying and some submitting and then a lot of praying, albeit with Claudius’ qualification:  My words fly up, my thoughts remain below: / Words without thoughts never to heaven go. 

I still might end up having to go home (note: I have to have a valid driver’s license from the USA to get and keep a Japanese driver’s license without having to spend even more money. Long story.) and if things don’t happen quickly, it will probably cost me more money, but it’s worth the risk. (Second note: I suspect my mother is saying a much different prayer…)

Tomorrow will be spent writing a letter that begs for mercy. This could get interesting.

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