Ink Hunt on New Floors

Went on an ink hunt today and emerged with a few new flavors. Also got kind of confused by changes.

After work I head to Nihonbashi to track down ink at Maruzen. Luckily there were a few flavors available, which kept the trip from being a complete waste.

That luck was followed by a long walk to Ginza to go to K.Itoya. That’s when things got confusing. Itoya is divided into two buildings. K.Itoya is the back alley shop where fountain pens are sold. It even has a fountain pen sign on the outside. G.Itoya is an Apple store for stationery.

However, today, I went into K and found planners and calendars and, after a trip to the third floor, finally found a temporary map that led me over to G.

It seems that in the scant couple weeks since I was last there, everything has been moved, giving the fountain pen section the entire third floor.

It was a nice surprise, but the limited edition ink I went there to find was long gone, making half the trip wasted.

Still, not a bad trip. I’ve gone there and come up empty before, and I don’t must mean my wallet.

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