Writing For Others For Yourself

It’s sent. Now I wait.

I spent part of today writing up the letters I needed to send to the Kansas Department of Revenue in order to attempt to renew my Kansas driver’s license. This is the kind of writing I hate doing more than almost anything else

(Note: “anything else” includes business-related phone calls in ear-shot of other people, singing karaoke and having my eyes scooped out with a spoon.)

(Note 2: I am usually the one doing the eye scooping if I’m unable to escape singing karaoke.)

My BS detector can’t get past the tone of the writing. It all seems artificial and transparent and I can’t imagine anyone taking it seriously.

Also, the more important the writing is, the less confidence I have in my ability to produce something coherent. Even Kimberly is like “you’re on your own now, loser. I can’t watch this disaster take place and still live with myself. This stinks so bad even you should be able to smell it”. My reaction is, of course, “why you always gotta go to the sense of smell thing?”

My second reaction is “Loser? Really?”

Complicating matters, I had to write a letter for my department head and then persuade her to both approve it and sign it. (Luckily, she did.)

Now it’s all been sent and there’s nothing to do but wait. And save yen. I may be scheduling a trip in a couple weeks.



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