Stirred But Not Shaken

Apparently there was a large earthquake this morning but I didn’t feel it.

It apparently hit as I was getting dressed after a shower. In fact, it may have hit while I was still in the shower. All I know is at one point She Who Must Be Obeyed insisted there was an earthquake. This was confirmed by swaying lamps and laundry.

After I realized how large the quake was, and that it had reached international news, I decided I’d better post that I’d not only survived, but hadn’t noticed. I turned on my computer to find messages from family members requesting I confirm that I had not faced catastrophe.

Oddly, this isn’t the first time I’ve not noticed an earthquake. I do not know why this is, but it may have something to do with us living on the first floor (ground floor for those from the UK) and me not being as concerned about the ground shaking as I probably ought to be.

The only consequence I faced was a delay in the start of school and the sudden belief among my students that a half-hour delay = no need to do anything.

The final twist was, after I got home from work tonight, She Who Must Be Obeyed asked if I’d felt the earthquake. I asked when it had happened. She said it had happened 20 minutes before.

Of course, I hadn’t, which kind of worries me.

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