First in Fifty-Four

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! Hope you have a great one, and don’t get injured wrestling for Black Friday sales. 

We woke to slush falling from the sky and, at some point, there was an earthquake that I, once again, didn’t feel, but what interested me the most was the snow.

We  got the first measurable snowfall of the year and Tokyo got its first November snow in 54 years. This was kind of fun, but it didn’t do me much good as none of the important train lines were down.

This meant I got to school on time and had to teach regular length classes. It also meant that all my students, including the bad boys, were able to get to school.

Luckily, because the trains important to my life were never affected, I was able to get home easily from my evening class.

As freak snowfalls go, it wasn’t that freaky, but that was probably for the best.

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