My Current Sinclair Seven (Plus One)

Rather than do a top five pens of the year or Greatest of All Time (GOAT) post, I thought that today I’d update my Sinclair Seven. The main news is that my Karas Kustoms Ink fountain pen has been relegated and that there is now a Plus One. (More on that in a minute.)

For those who didn’t read the earlier post–which is, when you round up, 100% of the population of the planet–my plan was to focus on the seven pens I would keep whilst keeping  the three that were on the bubble in a separate case.

Well, things have gotten slightly complicated. (Translation: I am weak.)

My Sinclair Seven (Plus One)

Bottom Row, From the Left:

Pilot Custom 823 (Amber Barrel)
This pen is a relatively new (used) acquisition and it may be on its way to being my new work horse pen. I love the ink capacity and the smooth nib. I also enjoy shooting ink across the room at my enemies with the pump filler. (Oddly, this does not win their hearts or their minds.) I’m torn about having to unscrew the top to use it during a long writing session, but more on that in a future review. It’s currently filled with Writing Lab Vintage Denim ink. (Note: in the picture above you can see the finial brown, not black.)

Nakaya Cigar Portable Akatamenuri
I have a “love it with all my heart” / “love it but not in that way” relationship with this pen. I bought it used, which is the only way I could afford it, but the nib needs some work. For some reason, every Japanese made nib is thinner than advertised except the broad nibs. I may replace the nib at one of this year’s pen shows or send it to someone for some modifications. It’s currently filled with Aurora Black ink.

Shawn Newton Moody
This should be a workhorse as it feels great in my hand but I’ve been using it too much to play with inks. As it doesn’t like every ink I’ve put in it, that’s made me reach for it less than I could. The red/blue swirl ebonite has grown on me and I like the gold M nib. It’s currently filled with Diamine Majestic Purple. As I said in the review, I’m still tempted to send it in for a silver plated clip.

Second Row, From the Left:

TWSBI Diamond 580 Rose Gold
Still the workhorse of the collection, although lately I’ve been reaching for it less and less. It has a smooth nib and I like the ink capacity. It’s a comfortable pen to use. It’s always inked with Fountain Pen Hospital‘s exclusive Noodler’s Old Manhattan “Bulletproof” Black ink.

Edison Glenmont 2014 LE
Currently has a 1.1 mm stub nib which, lately, has become fun to play with not much fun to write with. As such, I’m tempted to switch back to the steel M nib it originally came with so that it has a chance to become a workhorse. Currently filled with KyoIro Stone Road of Gion ink, which is a terrific looking, but surprisingly dry ink, even with the 1.1 mm stub.

Pilot Custom Heritage 92
One of the smoothest nibs I own and one of my favorite writers even though it’s right at the edge of too small. I love the piston-filling mechanism and the ink capacity. Hate trying to clean it. Currently full of KyoIro Soft Snow of Ohara ink which is kind of between a purple and a blue.

Platinum 3776 Chartres Blue (Rhodium Coating)
One of my best looking pens. Even pen skeptics have looked at it and their eyes have gotten wide and they’ve said “It’s beautiful.” It has a smooth Platinum nib with that love it and hate it platinum feedback. Currently filled with Maruzen Athena Eternal Blue ink.

Top Center–The Plus One:

Lamy 2000
This is my newest acquisition. I got it because it was used and relatively cheap because the cap has issues.  I liked it as soon as I wrote with it and that means it’s forced its way into the Sinclair. I’m not yet sure about how I’ll like it after I’ve put it through a marathon writing session, but I love the looks and the F nib. It’s currently filled with Kingdom Note Kabutomushi (Rhinoceros Beetle) ink, which is quickly becoming my favorite brown ink.

At this point, the Custom Heritage 92 and the Platinum 3776 risk relegation to the Lookout. That said, maybe, because I have a notebook in internal pocket, I might be able to make it a Sinclair Seven (Plus Two).





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