Do or Do Not; There is no Next Week

First I suggested he leave class. Then when he told me he actually was leaving early, I suggested he do his speech before he leave. He didn’t like this.

Started class today with students I meet on Sundays, but haven’t seen in a while, by trying to remember their names. I couldn’t remember the last guy’s name and he thought he’d be cute and not tell me his name. I told him to tell me his name or get out because if he didn’t have a name he didn’t need to be there. (Note: I am on cold medication.) He told me his name and got to stay.

Then, after I announced to the class that they’d be doing their speeches after lunch, he said he couldn’t because he had to go to an exam after lunch. I said he could do the speech before lunch and he went into panic mode as he clearly hadn’t finished his speech. He recommended that he go next week and I said that wasn’t possible. Even the people absent today wouldn’t get to the do the speech next week.

Eventually, he worked up a speech. It was too short and he stumbled through it even though his eyes stayed fixed mostly on his note cards, but he finished it and got an actual score.

After that, he ran away. Maybe I’ll see him next week.


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